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Königin von Niendorf
Released in: 2017
Country: Germany
Starring: Lisa Moell, Elias Sebastin, Salim Fazzani, Miriam Schmidt, Ivo T. Michligk, Vivian Janz, Moritz Riek, Johanna Lanzky, Denny Sonnenschein
Tags: bathing girl
Controversial scenes
Added: 20.07.2019

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Louis, enfant roi
Released in: 1993
Country: France
Starring: Maxime Mansion, Jocelyn Quivrin
Summary: Maxime Mansion stars as Louis XIV, a boy of about thirteen years who was king of France during the mid-1600's. - CVMC
Controversial scenes
Added: 17.07.2019

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Os Humores Artificiais
Released in: 2016
Country: Portugal
Tags: boy skinny dip, girl skinny dip
Summary: Using a mix of Hollywood aesthetics with documentary strategies, the film follows a young indigenous girl from the Xingu National Park to São Paulo, where she falls in love with a robot that also happens to be a stand-up comedian. This strange story mixes the anthropology of humor, indigenous communities, and artificial intelligence. - IMDb
Controversial scenes
Added: 14.07.2019

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Chudak iz pyatogo B
Released in: 1972
Country: Soviet Union
Starring: Roza Agisheva, Aleksandr Maslennikov, Misha Zalyotov, Edik Lagunavichus, Dmitri Sosnovsky, Lena Shimanskaya, Vika Guskova, Dima Lapkin, Anzhela Shkolnaya, Sasha Katsnelson
Controversial scenes
Added: 13.07.2019

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Chiens perdus sans collier
Released in: 1955
Country: France, Italy
Starring: Jimmy Urbain, Serge Lecointe
Summary: Chiens Perdus sans Collier (Lost Dogs without Collars) is a small-scale venture from director Jean Delannoy, who at the time was more closely associated with more elaborate efforts. Like many American films of the period, Delannoy's picture deals with the ever-growing problem of juvenile delinquency (the film's title is symbolic). Jean Gabin plays a white-haired judge who feels that the basic cause of teenaged crime is lack of parental love and supervision. His thesis would seem to be borne out by the cases of three young "lost dogs," whose desperate desire to "belong" ends in tragedy. As was his custom in the mid-1950s, Jean Delannoy handles his material with slickness but not much depth. - Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide
Controversial scenes
Added: 10.07.2019

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Utomlyonnye solntsem
Released in: 1994
Country: Russia, France
Starring: Nadezhda Mikhalkova
Tags: bathing girl
Summary: Russian filmmaker Nikita Mikhalkov is also the star of this tragic 1994 drama about the last happy season in the life of a Bolshevik hero's family. The year is 1936, and Stalin's purges are in full swing. Despite his reputation and revolutionary record, Sergei Kotov (Mikhalkov) seems to be on the dictator's hit list, as indicated by the insulting arrival of his wife's former lover, an agent of government police. Mikhalkov treats all this as a matter of personal and political intrigue dropping like rotting fruit in the middle of a sunny and loving period for the Kotov clan. The director ingeniously understates the mounting threat until one begins to realize that the Kotovs are only geographically distant from the long, bloody reach of Stalin. By the time we do realize it, the shock of change is almost unbearable. A very fine movie all around, though Mikhalkov's touches of magic realism (particularly the presence of a golden orb that keeps popping into the action) are distracting and a subject of controversy among viewers.
Controversial scenes
Added: 06.07.2019

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Released in: 2011
Country: Canada, Germany
Summary: Controversial director Uwe Boll depicts the harsh reality of the process inside one of the most infamous Nazi death camps by using brutally realistic imagery. Book-ended by documentary footage as well as interviews with German teenagers about what they know about the Holocaust, Boll effectively shows us just how depraved and sadistic life in the camp could be. - IMDb
Controversial scenes
Added: 03.07.2019

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Doro no kawa
Released in: 1981
Country: Japan
Tags: bathing girl
Summary: Two boys, whose parents ply their trade by the mouth of a muddy river in Osaka, become close friends. The two families' "businesses" are in fact dining and prostitution. When Nobou, the restauranteur's son, loses his pocket money during the Tenjin Festival, Kiichi, the prostitute's boy, invites him home, and he learns the truth. - IMDb
Added: 29.06.2019

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Fan chan
Released in: 2003
Country: Thailand
Starring: Charlie Trairat, Chaleumpol Tikumpornteerawong, Focus Jirakul, Thana Vichayasuranan, Aphichan Chaleumchainuwong, Anyarit Pitakkul, Yok Teeranitayatarn
Tags: bathing boy, boy skinny dip, bathing girl
Summary: Jeab hears that his childhood sweetheart Noi-Naa is to be married, so he makes the trip back home to his provincial village. As he does so, the memories come flooding back to his childhood in 1980s Thailand. He remembers always being late to school, so his father would have to give him a ride on the back of the motorcycle. After school, he would always play with Noi-Naa and her girlfriends while the neighborhood boys rode their bicycles and played football and Chinese fantasy characters. - Wise Kwai, IMDb
Controversial scenes
Added: 26.06.2019

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Rio Sex Comedy
Released in: 2010
Country: France, Brazil
Summary: A group of strangers from different countries end up on Rio's sensual beaches. Seeking self fulfillment, they are looking for answers to existential questions. Yet it isn't until their different paths cross that they begin to understand why they came. - IMDb
Controversial scenes
Added: 22.06.2019

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