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Begynnelsen på en historie
Released in: 1988
Country: Norway
Starring: Linda Pedersen
Tags: bathing girl
Summary: Norway 40s. Main character is 7 year old Marin. She lives with her mother and two brother on a island. That was her last summer before she entered the school.
Nude scenes
Added: 19.01.2019

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Ya tebya pomnyu
Released in: 1985
Country: Soviet Union
Tags: bathing boy, boy skinny dip
Nude scenes
Added: 16.01.2019

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Hodina pravdy
Released in: 1977
Country: Czechoslovakia
Starring: Eliska Sirová
Tags: bathing girl
Summary: Jarmila Slezáková, a young woman convalesces badly at home after the results of a heart attack which she suffered some time ago. After the doctors have results of the examinations they consider to hospitalize her again. They would like to settle it with her husband, their colleague. But the attractive doctor Slezák made up a story about his participation in a scientific seminar and he left with his lover, a nurse Petra to a summer house. - IMDb
Nude scenes
Added: 12.01.2019

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The Island on Bird Street
Released in: 1997
Country: Denmark, UK, Germany, France
Starring: Jordan Kiziuk, Jacob Rasmussen
Tags: bathing boy
Summary: Alex is an 11-year old boy who, during WWII, hides in the Jewish ghetto from Nazis after all the relatives have been sent to the concentration camp. The movie portrays the ghetto through his eyes. - IMDb
Nude scenes
Added: 09.01.2019

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Released in: 2018
Country: Colombia, USA
Starring: Samantha Medellin, María Elvira Ramírez
Tags: bathing girl
Summary: Emilia and Martina have always been inseparable, but when their cousins come over on a hot summer day, Emilia learns that her sister's priorities might be changing. - IMDb
Nude scenes
Added: 05.01.2019

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I am an alien
Released in: 2010
Country: China
Summary: "I am an alien" is a protagonist who likes fantasy all over the sky. He attaches gentle and deep humanistic care to his childhood dreams, uses music as the core clue, and uses the combination of Xintianyou and modern most popular musical elements.
Nude scenes
Added: 02.01.2019

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Released in: 2017
Country: Russia
Starring: Katya Samuylina, Anastasiya Plotnikova, Egor Turov, Anna Tarasenko
Summary: A Russian ballerina struggling for one play in Bolshoy theatre. - IMDb
Nude scenes
Added: 29.12.2018

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Ein Kolumbus auf der Havel
Released in: 1978
Country: East Germany
Starring: Susanne Schulze, Stefan Grzegorz, Heiko Neubecker, Silke Falkenthal, Rene Huhnt, Frank Schulze
Tags: girl skinny dip
Nude scenes
Added: 29.12.2018

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Jan auf der Zille
Released in: 1986
Country: East Germany
Starring: Peter Scholz, Helene Anders
Tags: bathing boy
Summary: 1934, Germany. Jan is a 13 year old boy, who is raised without a mother. His father, a communist, is accused of a political murder, and predicted to be shot by the police when he was on the run. Jan lives with his aunt and finds a friend, Max, who wants to help him to find out what really with his father happened. During a conspirative gathering Max is shot by SA (Nazi paramilitary) and Jan succeed to escape in a barge. Erika, the daughter of the captain of the barge, and a boatman hide him. They try to help Jan to escape from police and find his father, who really survived. - IMDb
Nude scenes
Added: 26.12.2018

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Otecko sa mi nepáči
Released in: 1991
Country: Czechoslovakia
Starring: Petra Millerová, Zuzana Fialová
Tags: bathing girl
Nude scenes
Added: 22.12.2018

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