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Ztratila se Bílá paní
Released in: 1937
Country: Czechoslovakia
Starring: Alois Fiala, Milan Moravec, Josef Hudecek, Antonín Kocí
Tags: boy skinny dip
Controversial scenes
Added: 26.02.2020

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Released in: 1967
Country: Finland
Tags: bathing boy, boy skinny dip, bathing girl
Controversial scenes
Added: 15.02.2020

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Menino de Carvão
Released in: 2008
Country: Brazil
Tags: boy skinny dip
Summary: The short film directed by Fram Paulo, directed by Fram Paulo (2008), is a fiction that denounces the sad reality of child exploitation that affects many children, especially in the Brazilian Northeast. The film tells the story of a 6-year-old boy and his parents living in a remote community of Oiticica, in the municipality of Senador Pompeu, Ceará. The boy's dream is to study, and in one of the most remarkable scenes, he is beaten by his father when he expresses his desire to go to school. Although there are laws that prohibit child labor, such as the ECA (Child and Adolescent Statute), the film portrays the cruel way children are treated today and leaves open a reflection on how the future can be influenced by the present . A necessary reflection amid the indifference of society concerned only with its routine.
Controversial scenes
Added: 15.01.2020

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Sveriges port mot väster
Released in: 1946
Country: Sweden
Tags: boy skinny dip, girl skinny dip
Summary: Film describes old and new Gothenburg. New houses. Newly built district of Guldheden. The tourist boat Paddan's journey through Gothenburg's canal system. The fishing harbor. Volvo, SKF, Götaverken, hospitals, schools, sports. City theater with theater director Torsten Hammarén. Gothenburg Concert Hall with the conductor Sixten Eckerberg.
Controversial scenes
Added: 28.12.2019

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Misioni përtej detit
Released in: 1988
Country: Albania
Tags: boy skinny dip
Controversial scenes
Added: 18.12.2019

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Released in: 1936
Country: Denmark
Tags: boy skinny dip
Controversial scenes
Added: 30.10.2019

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Indianski igri
Released in: 1990
Country: Bulgaria
Tags: boy skinny dip
Controversial scenes
Added: 16.10.2019

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Kto, esli ne my
Released in: 1999
Country: Russia
Starring: Lyanka Gryu, Evgeniy Kraynov, Artur Smolyaninov
Tags: boy skinny dip
Controversial scenes
Added: 11.09.2019

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Brutal Childhood
Released in: 1989
Country: Vietnam
Tags: boy skinny dip
Summary: Brutal childhood is the first film directed by director Nguyen Vinh Son production in 1989. The film is called childhood but it is for both adults and children. The film scene is the battlefield of Hue in the 40s, when the boys aged 9 to 10, should have been to school but were instead involved in the war. Their innocence and patriotism creates touching stories and characters that live up to the times. The story is a heroic epic about the youth who fought and died for the war of national liberation. The main character of the film lost his father when he was killed in Con Dao.
Controversial scenes
Added: 14.08.2019

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