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Ispolnitel prigovora
Released in: 1992
Country: Russia
Tags: bathing boy, nude boy
Nude scenes: Bath scene with a boy (5). Rear/side nudity.
Added: 01.08.2018

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Zuzanka Hraskovie
Released in: 1991
Country: Czechoslovakia
Starring: Monika Chrastinová, Joseph Petráš
Tags: bathing boy, nude boy
Nude scenes: Jurko (Jozef Petráš, 8) briefly seen nude from rear in the bathing scene
Added: 01.08.2018

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Dedecek, Kylián a já
Released in: 1967
Country: Czechoslovakia
Starring: David Schneider
Tags: bathing boy, nude boy
Summary: The Karpísek married couple, both doctors, are leaving for London for two months on business. They entrust their five-year old son Jozánek (David Schneider) to the care of their neighbor, Mrs Pokorná (Slávka Budínová). Jozánek is not pleased with the arrangement. He would rather wait for his parents at the house of his grandfather (Rudolf Deyl), a ferryman in Kralovice. On the following day after his parents' departure, the boy runs away to join his grandfather. His journey proves more difficult than he had imagined, but with the help of kind people he finally succeeds. - IMDb
Nude scenes: Brief side and frontal nudity of a boy (6) after bath.
Added: 22.07.2018

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Released in: 2015
Country: Netherlands
Starring: Evi van der Laken, Bobby van Vleuten
Tags: bathing boy, bathing girl, topless girl
Summary: Simone inherits a dilapidated farmhouse in France and makes her way there with her husband Eric and their two children. Her dream is to turn the house into a bed and breakfast but as the hectic pace of the rebuilding gets underway, she gets caught up in the romance and chaos of it all. Losing sight of her goals, she must find her way back to the dreams and ambitions which brought her there in the first place. - IMDb
Nude scenes: Suzanne (Evi van der Laken, ca. 11) and Bas (Bobby van Vleuten, ca. 9) are bathed by their mother at 10:11.
Added: 21.07.2018

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Cheers, Women
Released in: 1984
Country: China
Tags: bathing boy, nude boy
Summary: Xue Ye is from Beijing was very young when her parents divorced and was abused by her stepmother. Xue Ye can not stand to return to the mother side but in 1973, she joined the army. During military training, she bravely rescued a boy.
Nude scenes: Xue Ye bathes a boy (5) in a river.
Added: 18.07.2018

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La sombra del ciprés es alargada
Released in: 1990
Country: Spain, Mexico
Starring: Miguel Ángel García
Tags: bathing boy, nude boy
Nude scenes: Bath scene with boy (12) at 16:50. Rear nudity.
Added: 11.07.2018

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Released in: 2003
Country: Sweden
Starring: Tom Ljungman
Tags: bathing boy, nude boy
Nude scenes: Rear nudity of Tom Ljungman (11) in shower.
Added: 06.06.2018

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Released in: 1935
Country: Soviet Union
Tags: bathing boy, nude boy
Summary: The struggle of farmers against the "kulaks" on collective farms. The ruthlessness of capitalism is central, in a world where cruelty wins over solidarity. Communitarianism might be the answer to all these abuses. - IMDb
Nude scenes: Brief nudity of a boy (9) in a russian banya.
Added: 23.05.2018

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La tutora
Released in: 2016
Country: Argentina
Starring: Valentino Vinco, Malena Alonso
Tags: bathing boy, nude boy, boy skinny dip, bathing girl, nude girl, girl skinny dip, topless girl
Summary: Mona picks up her first job tutoring two orphaned children living in a derelict house in the country. Her obsession with trying to educate these two nearly feral children blind her to the fact they have other plans for her. - IMDb
Nude scenes: Several scenes with full frontal naked boy and girl.
Added: 12.05.2018

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En Sabana Grande siempre es de día
Released in: 1988
Country: Venezuela
Tags: bathing boy, nude boy
Nude scenes: 4 nude boys (8-10) take bath.
Added: 09.05.2018

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