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Ub Lama
Released in: 2011
Country: Lithuania, UK, Mongolia
Tags: bathing boy, nude boy
Summary: Gaala is only twelve, but he must look after his mother and younger brother. His farther died 2 years ago. To make ends meet, he is a vendor in the market in Ulaanbaatar and brings money to his mother who waits for him in the ger, the traditional Mongolian yurt, in the poor and dirty periphery of the city. The boy misses many days of school and has little time for play. His mother dreams of a different future for her son; to lift him from poverty, she attempts to have him accepted into a Buddhist monastery in order to become a monk. With his mother the boy visits the monastery in Pethub, one of the most famous in Mongolia. But for him, the road to the monastic life seems full of obstacles and ill-suited to his restless, rebellious nature. In order to achieve his goal, Galaa must study hard and advance through a complicated bureaucracy at the monastery. With Gaalas story, we are brought closer to the reality of life in the capital of Mongolia, where families live in dire conditions in the characteristic yurt, in a society that day by day abandons tradition in favor of modernity and its contradictions.
Added: 18.04.2018

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Rosa was here
Released in: 1994
Country: Finland
Tags: nude boy, topless girl
Summary: One morning, Rosa and her friends awake to find that all people over the age of 13 have disappeared. Rosa is due to turn 13 in a few days, and she and her friends spend their last days riotously. A very confusing movie with no apparent message, made even more confused by the ending. - IMDb
Nude scenes: Boy (13) and girl (14) take clothes off in front of each other. Partial nudity.
Added: 14.04.2018

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Leningradtsy, deti moi...
Released in: 1981
Country: Soviet Union
Tags: nude boy
Nude scenes: Several boys (8-10) get undressed before bath, side and brief frontal nudity.
Added: 11.04.2018

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Hur gör man för att rädda ett folk?
Released in: 2015
Country: Sweden
Tags: nude boy, nude girl
Summary: The physician and professor Herman Lundborg headed the world's first state racial biology institute in Uppsala, Sweden, from 1922 to '35. With his extensive racial research he wanted to establish where in the country the Swedish people was at its purest, and in which areas the population was mixed with other peoples who, according to racial ideology, were alien, like the Finns and Sámi. His mission may have been to "save the Swedish people", yet throughout life he was devoted to one particular subject: the Sámi. It might be said of him that he was obsessed by racial mixing and with his great research project in northern Sweden: to map out the demise of the Sámi. In his deeds lies a paradox: On his travels, he is drawn to a woman of Finnish descent, who also has the features of a Sámi, according Lundborg. He has a child with her. In the Old Cemetery in Uppsala, in the grand Lundborg family grave, they all lie buried - Herman, the woman he met in northern Sweden and their child, and his... - IMDb
Nude scenes: [Blurred] pictures from books show naked boys and girls. The boy pictures also show measurements.
Added: 07.04.2018

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Je vous aime très beaucoup
Released in: 2010
Country: France
Tags: nude boy
Summary: When the mother they have never known dies, three half brothers aged 8, 15 and 17 respectively, who were all brought up in different ways, meet for the very first time. They spend the long summer holidays with Nonna, their grandmother, and start sharing secrets and rabbits, polenta and mean tricks, adventures and first time experiences, together. At last their once solitary lives take a new direction. - IMDb
Nude scenes: The three brothers watch a girl in her early 20's perform a little striptease, down to her shorts. Then in the following scene that night, P'tite witnesses one of his older brother masturbate under the covers, but doesn't realise what he was doing. Later on, a brief backside nudity of the two older brothers where the three of them are comparing their genitals. Still later, a brief backside nudity of P'tite when he 'moons' an older boy.
Added: 04.04.2018

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Drengene fra Sankt Petri
Released in: 1991
Country: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland
Tags: bathing girl, nude girl
Summary: In nazi-occupied Denmark, a group of school-mates form a gang devoted to resistance against the occupying forces, but they don't go any further than putting up posters and steeling German soldiers' helmets. But then Otto Hvidmann joins the group, and he knows how to get hold of guns. Soon the game turns deadly serious. - IMDb
Nude scenes: 5-year-old girl in bath scene. Side nudity.
Added: 31.03.2018

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Released in: 2017
Country: Turkey
Tags: nude boy, boy skinny dip
Nude scenes: Two boys go skinny dipping and while they're swimming their clothes get stolen. They walk home covering themselves with branches with leaves. Rear nudity when jumping into the water and side nudity when walking home.
Added: 28.03.2018

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Shadow on the Wall
Released in: 1950
Country: USA
Tags: bathing girl, topless girl
Summary: Angered that her sister Celia has stolen her fiance, Dell Faring kills her and allows Celia's husband David, knocked out in an argument with Celia, to take the blame and end up on death row. Later Dell, finding out that David's young daughter Susan was witness to the crime and is undergoing psychiatric treatment, plans to eliminate her before her memory returns. - IMDb
Nude scenes: Gigi Perreau (9) has a bath in one scene, seen topless.
Added: 24.03.2018

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Chempiony iz podvorotni
Released in: 2012
Country: Ukraine
Tags: nude boy
Nude scenes: The 2nd episode: Homeless teenager Maks takes revenge on his younger gang members after being punished by the local mafia guys. His boys appear wounded and undressed in a boathouse later, Maks then forces little Pushok to beat his other two friends with a paddle (brief full frontal nudity of Pushok, rear nudity of Vokha and Kolyma).
Added: 21.03.2018

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Cider with Rosie
Released in: 1998
Country: UK, USA
Tags: nude girl
Summary: Laurie Lee's renowned tale set in the heart of The Gloucestershire countryside.
Nude scenes: An young girl (around 11) strips nude in the forest and lays down on the ground. Side nudity.
Added: 17.03.2018

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