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Les agneaux
Released in: 1996
Country: Switzerland, France
Starring: Julia Maraval, Alexis Tomassian
Tags: bathing boy, bathing girl
Summary: In a village of the French Juras, Daniel, 15, and Marie, 14, live in the shadow of their brutal, domineering father, who can only express his love through violence. When their mother dies, the two inseparable children flee into the forest pursued by their father... Marcel Schüpbach describes his third feature, based on a novel by Ania Carmel, as a fable that allows us to "recognize the dark side in our nature and accept the fact that humanity is not divided simplistically into wolves and sheep." -
Controversial scenes
Added: 14.05.2016

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Released in: 1987
Country: Hungary
Starring: Eszter Kárász, Marcell Tóth
Tags: bathing boy, bathing girl
Summary: During Hungarian revolution in 1956 kids don't exactly understand what is going on, but are happy because the schools have been closed. Fars and hopes of their parents don't reflect on their lives as long as their friends disappear, leave country or even get killed in battles after Soviets send army to terminate the "contrarevolution".
Controversial scenes
Added: 05.12.2015

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Das Eismeer ruft
Released in: 1984
Country: East Germany
Starring: Marc Lubosch, Vivian Schmidt, Oliver Karsitz, Oliver Peuser, Alexander Rohde, Ilja Kriwoluzky, Thomas Gutzeit
Tags: bathing boy, bathing girl
Summary: In spring 1934 four children come from Praga to Nordpol. They want to rescue a crew of exploratory ship which is blocked in polar sea.
Controversial scenes
Added: 16.09.2015

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Released in: 1980
Country: Czechoslovakia
Starring: Pavol Angst, Svetlana Majbová
Tags: bathing boy, bathing girl
Controversial scenes
Added: 08.08.2015

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Otra vuelta de tuerca
Released in: 1985
Country: Spain
Starring: Asier Hernández, Cristina Goyanes
Tags: bathing boy, bathing girl
Summary: In an amateurish film loosely based on the Henry James novel, the setting of the ghost story is switched from Sussex to the Basque-dominated provinces of Spain, and the governess who battles the two ghosts' desire to control the children in her care is changed into tutor Roberto (Pedro Maria Sanchez), with implied homosexual leanings. He fights the ghosts, the drama proceeds according to the outlines of James' novel, but missing is the eerie mystery, the feeling of wonder and suspense at what will happen next and in its place is a story with dialogue far short of James' prose. -
Controversial scenes
Added: 23.07.2015

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Lucie a zazraky
Released in: 1970
Country: Czechoslovakia
Starring: Viktorie Cermáková
Tags: bathing boy, bathing girl
Summary: Petra (Nada Urbánková) has been fired from a toys' factory after manufacturing a pink puppy. She brings the toy with her to the suspended scaffolding where her husband Mikulás (Jan Tríska) is painting a large advertising panel. As she climbs, the scaffolding starts to swing and the onlookers are covered in a mix of paints. At the cinema is showing a film about little Lucy, a girl from an orphanage who is still searching for her mother. And then the film becomes reality. - IMDb
Controversial scenes
Added: 14.03.2015

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Released in: 2002
Country: Belgium, Netherlands
Tags: bathing boy, bathing girl
Summary: Netherlands native Dorothée Van Den Berghe makes her feature-film directorial debut with Girl, a study of three women at three different and critical points in their lives. Young Muriel (Charlotte Vanden Eynde) leaves her small village and heads for Brussels in order to establish her own identity, leaving her family and boyfriend behind. Once she arrives in the city, she takes up residence with Laura (Els Dottermans), a middle-aged woman whose biological clock has recently kicked into overdrive. Laura discovers that her young lover Oskar (Mathias Schoenaerts) has no intentions of having children, which prompts her to ditch him and replace him with someone more amenable to raising a family. Muriel, in the meantime, has been watching from the sidelines and has decided to emulate Laura's life rather than create her own -- starting with hooking up with the newly unattached Oskar. Watching both women from the sidelines is Muriel's mother Martha (Frieda Pittoors), who made a number of sacrifices once Muriel came into her life, both professionally and romantically. Martha reconnects with an old flame and begins her own affair. Girl was an entry in the 2002 Locarno International Film Festival. - Ryan Shriver, All Movie Guide
Controversial scenes
Added: 25.10.2014

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Released in: 1974
Country: Austria, West Germany
Starring: Thomas Ohrner, Felix Rakosi, Dominique Seth
Tags: bathing boy, bathing girl
Controversial scenes
Added: 12.07.2014

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Released in: 1997
Country: South Korea
Tags: bathing boy, bathing girl
Summary: A mix of social classes and characters mingle at the Eoksutang, a popular public sauna, every afternoon. Wan-ki, a wannabe movie director, a monk with VD, nude photograhper searching for the perfect body, a Russian model and a peeping Tom are among the clients - IMDb
Added: 12.10.2013

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Released in: 1973
Country: East Germany
Tags: bathing boy, bathing girl
Controversial scenes
Added: 12.10.2013

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