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Arabela se vrací
Released in: 1993
Country: Czechoslovakia
Starring: Matous Soukenka, Jana Kimlová, Pavel Mang
Nude scenes
Added: 16.10.2018

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Zbehovia a pútnici
Released in: 1968
Country: Czechoslovakia, Italy
Summary: The film is divided into three parts; World War I, World War II and a post apocalyptic waste land in the future. All three parts of the film contain the character of death, who is a tall bald man with a frightening appearance. In the first story, a soldier deserts the army and causes havoc in his town. Death soon follows. The second part deals with World War II and contains a massacre of a peasant family by Russian soldiers. Even children fall victim. The scene was sad and haunting. Death follows in the second part, even to make sure that the cat's dead. Then we witness a collage of bloody and bizarre images, war stock footage and a vision of the future. Jakubisko's vision of the future in the third part, is disturbing and horrifying. He combines elements of biblical prophecy, sci-fi and folk tales in his bleak future. The images of nude old people running around in a underground insane asylum bomb shelter, filtered with sepia tones; may be a bit much for some viewers. It almost reaches the weirdness of a Jodorowsky film. Then we see death talking to a nurse. An old man spits up blood and other strange things occur. Death and the girl, escape through a rat infested sewer. When they finally see light, it's a post war wasteland without any people. There's cracked parched land and planes that drop bombs even on the forest. You know things are bad when death starts to fear for his life. Ironically when Jakubisko was filming, the Soviet Union invaded Czechoslovakia. Although the film did well in festivals, it was later confiscated, and held in a vault for about twenty years. Columbia pictures bought the rights to it in the late sixties, and since then the film has faded into oblivion. Jakubisko had to buy a print from Columbia pictures, just so he could have a copy. It's virtually impossible to describe the film. Think of directors Milos Jancso, Emir Kusterica, Fellini, Peter Greenaway, Alejandro Jodorowsky and Oldrich Lipsky to get an idea of it's style.
Nude scenes
Added: 13.10.2018

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Sklenený dum
Released in: 1981
Country: Czechoslovakia
Starring: Michaela Kudlácková, Eva Kudlacková, Michaela Kuklová, Jan Kreidl
Tags: bathing boy, bathing girl
Summary: Pavla (Michaela Kudiackova) has been put in an orphanage, also a home for underprivileged children, while her father is "free" to concentrate on his own life. Pavla develops an unhealthy dependence on her group's housemother, Jarmila (Veronika Freimanova), to the point where she is jealous of Jarmila's fiance -- and has raised the shackles of the forbidding Mrs. Moravek (Anna Ferencova). Finally, Jarmila cannot continue in the role that Pavla has placed on her, and she takes measures to end the dependence, no matter what the outcome. - Eleanor Mannikka, All Movie Guide
Nude scenes
Added: 12.10.2018

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Kocicí princ
Released in: 1979
Country: Czechoslovakia, East Germany
Starring: Zaneta Fuchsová, Pavel Hachle, Tereza Brodská, Veronika Tyblová
Summary: A brother and sister, approximately eight and five years old, move into a mysterious and magical castle with their parents and there discover a portal to a fantasy world which allows them to address and deal with some of the frustrations found in their "real" lives. - CVMC
Nude scenes
Added: 08.10.2018

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Jako zajíci
Released in: 1982
Country: Czechoslovakia
Starring: Stepán Kment, Michal Dlouhý, Zbynek Honzík, Barbora Srncová
Nude scenes
Added: 07.10.2018

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Pocítání ovecek
Released in: 1981
Country: Czechoslovakia
Starring: Martin Mikulas, Klára Pollertová, Zaneta Fuchsová, Veronika Jeníková, Lucie Vojtechová, Martin Krb
Nude scenes
Added: 07.10.2018

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Noyuki yamayuki umibe yuki
Released in: 1986
Country: Japan
Starring: Yasufumi Hayashi
Tags: bathing boy
Summary: During the fervently nationalist months leading up to World War II, a rebellious teenager is transferred to a new primary school in a small Inland Sea town. He vies with the school’s reigning bully, who takes a romantic interest in his older stepsister. When they learn she’s going to be sold to a brothel to pay off her father’s debts, they form an uneasy alliance to free her. With surprising moments of caricature and slapstick, Obayashi celebrates the anarchic world of adolescence while also satirizing adult hypocrisy and conformism.
Added: 02.10.2018

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Det gror mellom steinene
Released in: 1948
Country: Norway
Nude scenes
Added: 29.09.2018

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Resultado final
Released in: 1998
Country: Spain
Starring: Dafne Fernández
Tags: bathing girl
Nude scenes
Added: 29.09.2018

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Dovidenia v pekle, priatelia
Released in: 1970
Country: Italy, Czechoslovakia
Starring: Katerina Sidonová
Summary: As a car full of an assortment of characters rolls down an embankment and bursts into flames, the old driver says "See You in Hell, Friends." The relations between the characters are shown in flashbacks. The pretty Rita and her fiancee Petras meet the old colonel, and come to live in his farmhouse. Rita marries the colonel as well as her fiancee, and has a daughter Christine. The colonel's supposed father shows up, and also makes amorous advances on Rita. They all live blissfully together until two holy women with axes arrive. The women start chopping down trees to build an ark. Rita starts having nightmares and Christine is crucified. - IMDb
Nude scenes
Added: 28.09.2018

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