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For Members Only
Released in: 1960
Country: UK
Tags: nude boy, nude girl, child nudist
Summary: A somewhat prudish young lady inherits a nudist camp. She wants to shut it down, but is persuaded by its members to give the place a look before she takes any action. She agrees, and while touring the camp finds herself attracted to one of the patrons. The trouble is, so does another young woman at the camp. Complications ensue. - IMDb
Nude scenes: Several boys and girls (5-11) among nudists in a camp.
Added: 08.03.2014

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Een vrouw als Eva
Released in: 1979
Country: Netherlands
Tags: nude boy, nude girl, child nudist
Summary: Eve lives with her husband Ad and two children somewhere in Amsterdam. Eve seems reasonably happy although she sometimes has the feeling that there's something missing in her life. Her husband – thinking Eve is depressed – sends her on a holiday to France with her girlfriend Sonja. In the south of France, on the beach, Eve meets Liliane, a young feminist and commune-dweller. Eve feels strangely drawn to Liliane. Eve and Sonja pay a visit to the rural commune in with Liliane lives and works; Sonja doesn't think much of it but Eve keeps returning and seeing Liliane. When returned home, Eve tries to stay in touch with Liliane by mail and she even takes up French courses. At a later point in time, Liliane comes to Amsterdam for a big feminist convention and the two women meet again and spend time together. It is only then that Eve realizes that she is in love with Liliane. It is not without difficulties that Eve comes to terms with her feelings for Liliane. She decides to go for it and the two women get sexually involved. Ad finds out and he is furious….!
Nude scenes: At a nude beach several kids are shown in the background. On a nude outing, two preteen boys and one preteen girl are shown nude from the front at a distance.
Added: 11.01.2014

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Educating Julie
Released in: 1984
Country: UK
Tags: nude boy, nude girl, child nudist
Summary: A timid college student, Julie, is assigned to write a research paper on "Nudity in the 1980's" She and her boyfriend, Steve, visit several nudist clubs in England, the south of France and in Florida to learn about why people like nudism. - IMDb
Added: 11.10.2013

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Il commissario Lo Gatto
Released in: 1986
Country: Italy
Tags: nude boy, nude girl, topless girl, child nudist
Summary: Police commissioner Lo Gatto is in charge of the local Italian police station within Vatican State. During an investigation, following the murder of a Vatican priest, he decides to question the Pope!!! For this reason Lo Gatto is sent to a Sicilian remote island: Favignana. Nevertheless in the island there isn't anything to do for a police commissioner Lo Gatto decides to investigate the vanishing of a tourist. A journalist always in search of sensational stories helps him, even if the corpse wasn't find... - IMDb
Added: 26.09.2013

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Released in: 2009
Country: Czech Republic
Tags: bathing boy, nude boy, child nudist
Nude scenes: Season 2, 2nd episode "DDR": a family discover that they are on a nudist beach. Mother, father and son have nothing to do but join this nude society. Rear nudity of character Jan Dvorák (called 'Honza', played by actor Marián Miks). Season 2, 8th episode "Osvobození": rear nudity again of Honza standing in the bathtub.
Added: 26.09.2013

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Released in: 1991
Country: Soviet Union
Tags: nude boy, topless girl, child nudist
Added: 26.09.2013

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Kleren aan, kleren uit
Released in: 2010
Country: Netherlands
Tags: nude boy, nude girl, child nudist
Summary: Clothes On, Clothes Off is a short documentary about the 12 year old Frana, whose parents are naturists, they like to walk around naked. Frana is having doubts if she wants to take her clothes off.
Nude scenes: During the end credits, Franne's younger sister (approx. 10 years old) is seen rear nude walking along the jetty.
Added: 26.09.2013

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Naked Parents: Hidden Lives
Released in: 2009
Country: UK
Tags: nude boy, nude girl, child nudist
Summary: For most people, just the thought of their parents naked would be enough to make them squirm. The illuminating human interest strand continues with this eye-opening profile of three couples who spend their lives in the nude. These fearless parents fly in the face of conformity to bare all, sometimes to the horror of their neighbours and children. This lighthearted film explores the reasons behind their naturism and studies the effect their lifestyle has on their children.
Nude scenes: A picture with nude kids on a beach briefly shown.
Added: 26.09.2013

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Skæve dage i Thy
Released in: 1971
Country: Denmark
Tags: nude boy, boy skinny dip, nude girl, girl skinny dip, child nudist
Summary: Documentary about the construction of Thy Lejren in 1970 - an alternative summer camp. Features concerts by bands such as Gasolin' and Gnags. - IMDb
Nude scenes: Many scenes with nude children.
Added: 26.09.2013

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