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Bich bozhiy
Released in: 1988
Country: Soviet Union
Starring: Dmitri Kopp
Tags: boy skinny dip
Controversial scenes
Added: 09.10.2018

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Deti Pamira
Released in: 1963
Country: Soviet Union
Starring: Bodurbek Mirzobekov, Oleg Tulaev, Nina Sandalova, Valeriy Lebedev, Mansur Gurmindzhev
Tags: boy skinny dip
Controversial scenes
Added: 03.10.2018

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Released in: 1982
Country: France, Switzerland
Starring: Anne Bos
Tags: boy skinny dip, girl skinny dip
Summary: Mérette lost beliefe in God after her mother's death. The pastor Magnoux decides to take care of the girl.
Controversial scenes
Added: 16.09.2018

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Released in: 2016
Country: Philippines
Starring: Andrei Fajarito
Tags: boy skinny dip
Summary: After refusing a ritual circumcision intended to usher him into manhood, Rene-boy (10), tries alternate methods to remove this mark of cowardice. - IMDb
Controversial scenes
Added: 22.08.2018

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Oblako nad rayem
Released in: 1999
Country: Russia
Starring: Denis Bazdyrev, Yekaterina Mikhaylovskaya
Tags: boy skinny dip, girl skinny dip
Summary: "A Cloud above paradise" is a presentation short feature film, which symbolizes eternal problems of human life. Its plot is developing on a background of the Chernobyl tragedy consequences.
Controversial scenes
Added: 04.08.2018

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Chlapská dovolenka
Released in: 1988
Country: Czechoslovakia
Starring: Martin Hreben
Tags: boy skinny dip
Controversial scenes
Added: 29.06.2018

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Released in: 1978
Country: Soviet Union
Starring: Oleg Kuznetsov
Tags: boy skinny dip
Summary: A boy in Russia, circa 1900, makes a daunting trip from his home village to a school in the city. - IMDb
Controversial scenes
Added: 27.06.2018

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Nila Kaalam
Released in: 2001
Country: India
Tags: boy skinny dip
Summary: The movie story deals with three children - Nilaa, Amar and Pulli. The two boys work in a garage which is next to Nilaa's house. Nilaa, daughter of a popular actress who is estranged from her husband, has all the material comforts but yearns for company. Soon, she strikes a friendship with the boys. The children `plan' a picnic and Nilaa provides the car, food and the works. Their excitement knows no bounds. But that day proves to be the last day of their carefree laughter, childish pranks... their innocence-filled childhood.
Controversial scenes
Added: 16.05.2018

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La tutora
Released in: 2016
Country: Argentina
Starring: Valentino Vinco, Malena Alonso
Tags: bathing boy, boy skinny dip, bathing girl, girl skinny dip
Summary: Mona picks up her first job tutoring two orphaned children living in a derelict house in the country. Her obsession with trying to educate these two nearly feral children blind her to the fact they have other plans for her. - IMDb
Controversial scenes
Added: 12.05.2018

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