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Na hory
Released in: 2018
Country: Czech Republic
Starring: Lukás Vertát
Controversial scenes
Added: 19.06.2019

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A Nena Azul
Released in: 2018
Country: Spain
Starring: Lucía González, Carla Díaz
Controversial scenes
Added: 15.06.2019

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Aguas verdes
Released in: 2009
Country: Argentina
Starring: Maxi Gigli
Summary: Juan is a family man; he feels at ease with his life and his work, and with his wife and two children. Everything seems to indicate that the summer holidays in Aguas Verdes are going to be a pleasant time. An unexpected element, however, triggers Juan's mental imbalance. - IMDb
Controversial scenes
Added: 12.06.2019

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The Shiralee
Released in: 1957
Country: UK
Starring: Dana Wilson
Tags: bathing girl
Summary: When Jim Macauley finds his wife with another man, he takes their young daughter and they hit the road. With a young child as his responsibility, he finds he can't be quite the fancy-free wanderer that he had been. - IMDb
Controversial scenes
Added: 08.06.2019

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Tule tagasi, Lumumba
Released in: 1992
Country: Estonia
Controversial scenes
Added: 05.06.2019

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Le grand départ
Released in: 1972
Country: France
Starring: Alexandre Raysse
Controversial scenes
Added: 01.06.2019

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Released in: 1972
Country: Soviet Union
Starring: Andrei Filippov, Vitya Mikhailov, Igor Bochkin, Lyonya Kokorin
Tags: boy skinny dip
Controversial scenes
Added: 29.05.2019

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Amanda ja Tomi
Released in: 2015
Country: Finland
Starring: Eedit Patrakka
Summary: Amanda, a 7-year old girl, has to go to open heart surgery as she has had heart surgery since birth. She is very afraid and tries to get away from it, but in the hospital she meets another young child Tomi, who also has heart disease. With friendship of Tomi and the guidance of hospital staff she is now less frightened about the operation. - IMDb
Controversial scenes
Added: 25.05.2019

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Released in: 1979
Country: Sweden
Starring: Jonna Liljendahl, Liv Alsterlund, Kerstin Hansson, Cecilia Orlando-Willberg
Tags: girl skinny dip
Summary: 10 episodes of young Madicken's adventures.
Controversial scenes
Added: 18.05.2019

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