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Released in: 2006
Country: Poland
Starring: Katarzyna Paczynska, Karolina Paczynska
Tags: bathing girl
Summary: It's a story of a young woman from Warsaw - Iwona who has two children and works in a supermarket. He lives with his unemployed husband in a block of flats. They are always short of money - that causes many quarrels and destroys their relationship . One day Iwona receives a great offer from her old friend - Wojtek. He wants her to move to London and start a brand new life. - IMDb
Controversial scenes
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Released in: 1936
Country: Denmark
Tags: boy skinny dip
Controversial scenes
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Mein Vater Alfons
Released in: 1981
Country: East Germany
Starring: Jan King Lauschus
Tags: girl skinny dip
Summary: Ten-year old Ernst wants to go on a bicycle tour with his father Alfons. But their plan seems to fall through when Ernst's mother tells them that they have to go to a wedding anniversary in the Ore Mountains. Eventually, sad Ernst can persuade his mother of a compromise: He and his father are allowed to travel to the party by bicycle. The two "men" know scarcely that the long way from Mecklenburg to the Ore Mountains has a lot of surprises for them in store. On their way, they have to free a parachute bride who unfortunately landed with her wedding dress in a tree from her awkward situation. The date of the wedding anniversary is coming closer and closer, but the Ore Mountains are still far away. Eventually, Alfons und Ernst receive unexpected help and spectacularly arrive at the party.
Controversial scenes
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Danke, es geht mir gut
Released in: 1948
Country: Germany
Starring: Herbert Stetza, Hans Neie
Tags: bathing boy
Controversial scenes
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Le livre de Marie
Released in: 1985
Country: France, Switzerland
Starring: Rebecca Hampton
Tags: bathing girl
Summary: Set at the moment her mother and father separate, this exacting portrait of a child immersed in her books, her music, and her dancing casts a dispassionate yet ultimately touching eye on the girl's reaction to the new upheaval in her life. The Book of Mary is Mieville's meditation on the end of childhood. -
Controversial scenes
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Indianski igri
Released in: 1990
Country: Bulgaria
Tags: boy skinny dip
Controversial scenes
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Niña errante
Released in: 2018
Country: Colombia, France
Starring: Sofia Paz Jara
Tags: bathing girl
Summary: Angela, 12 years old and her three stepsisters around their 30s. All of them, daughters of a charismatic slacker who just died. Angela must find a new home by crossing half of the country with her stepsisters. Angela'll recognize in her stepsisters, femininity, sensuality, mysteries of pleasure, pain, the body, misfortune, the challenge of being a women in those lands. - IMDb
Controversial scenes
Added: 12.10.2019

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Ku zak
Released in: 2018
Country: Hong Kong
Tags: bathing boy
Summary: A mother and her son are disturbed by a the presence of a stranger as they await for the return of the father from work. - IMDb
Controversial scenes
Added: 09.10.2019

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Released in: 2017
Country: Sweden
Starring: Nike Ringqvist, Emil Algpeus
Summary: Eric and Elin meet as adults and reminisce about the summer when they met for the first time. Their parents Linda and Peter were both stuck in heavy drug abuse but for a couple of months they all lived together as a family. The parents struggle with their addiction and the children in their turn struggle not to get sucked into this dirty and violent world. This turbulent time together still defines who they are and what they became: Parents who in spite of addiction try to bond with and find love for their children and those children's struggle to live and to survive. As the new family is torn apart Linda and Peter are forced into making the most horrible of decisions - turning away a child. - IMDb
Controversial scenes
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La guerre des boutons
Released in: 2011
Country: France
Starring: Victor Lallement, Théo Paziot, Arthur Chivaleck, Vincent Bres, Enzo Romain, Léo Faure, Louis-Victor Hamon, Ornella Marduel, Tim Linglin, Timothée Rouffy
Tags: bathing boy
Summary: In the countryside of France, two groups of boys from the rural villages of Longeverne and Velran are in constant war against each other. Their war is a tradition that passes from father to son and without a motive but the rivalry between the peasants. During the Second World War, the Longeverne boys are led by the intelligent William Lebrac, who has been the backer of his family since his father died, while the Velrans are led by the wicked Aztec. The boys are frequently fighting with their wooden swords, throwing rotten fruits or building traps in the woods expecting to remove the buttons from the enemies' clothes. But Lebrac is coming of age and he has a crush on the girl Lanterne while his teacher Merlin offers the chance for him to have a better study in another village. - IMDb
Controversial scenes
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