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SOS Village
Released in: 1988
Country: China
Tags: bathing boy, nude boy
Summary: SOS Village is about Dr. Haier Man Gemine who was a famous Austrian doctor who founded SOS village. He was born in China and created a family home in China to support the new era of orphans. The story is about the children and those who worked in the SOS village.
Added: 18.10.2017

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Released in: 2012
Country: Russia
Tags: bathing girl, nude girl
Summary: A mother wants to reunite with her twin daughters. A young couple marry in church, but immediately after the ceremony, God - or maybe the Devil, or maybe Blind Fate - tests their love in the most brutal way.A boy wants to see his estranged father, despite his mother's violent protests. Each of these characters lives through their own ordeal. - IMDb
Nude scenes: Side nudity of twin girls (11) in bath scene.
Added: 14.10.2017

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Va voir maman, papa travaille
Released in: 1978
Country: France
Tags: bathing boy, nude boy
Nude scenes: Full nudity of a boy (10) in a bath scene.
Added: 11.10.2017

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Spasi i sokhrani
Released in: 1989
Country: Soviet Union, West Germany
Tags: nude girl
Summary: Inspired by Flaubert’s Madame Bovary, Sokurov’s Save and Protect recalls the most crucial events of Emma’s decline and fall: affairs with the aristocratic Rodolphe and the student Leon, the humiliation that follows her husband’s botching of the operation on the stable boy’s clubfoot. The universality of the theme of eternal struggle between the soul and the flesh is conveyed through the absence of specific reference to time or place: although the film seems to begin in 1840, its surreal mode effortlessly accommodates an automobile and the strains of “When the Saints Go Marching In” on an off-screen radio. Focusing on passion from a woman’s perspective and downplaying plot, Sokurov explores his subject in exquisite detail, capturing not only the heat of passion but also the quiet moments before and after and the innocent sensuousness of the body.
Nude scenes: 5-year-old nude girl in 1 minute scene.
Added: 07.10.2017

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Mein Onkel Theodor oder Wie man viel Geld im Schlaf verdient
Released in: 1975
Country: West Germany
Tags: bathing boy, nude boy, boy skinny dip
Nude scenes: Uncle Theodor shows a sex education book to his nephew Markus, a picture of a boy's lower part of the body is shown (photo by Will McBride). Plus very brief frontal nudity of one of Markus' little brothers (David Bennent) during a family trip at a lake.
Added: 04.10.2017

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Tristia: A Black Sea Odyssey
Released in: 2014
Country: Germany
Tags: topless girl
Summary: A remarkable travelogue from a trip around the Black Sea: along its shores, lined by the boundaries of six states, and through bizarre seaside resorts. More than the tourist industry or political problems, the film focuses on solitary statues, decaying architectural monuments, and the personal stories of the local people. From each stop on their journey, the filmmakers send a series of stylized video postcards with the playfulness of staged scenes, set against the backdrop of the sea. In this cinematic answer to Ovid's Black Sea lamentations, that ancient text receives new qualities that tell us about a place that is accursedly beautiful but also beautifully cursed. - IMDb
Nude scenes: Several topless girls (6-10) could be seen on a beach.
Added: 30.09.2017

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Dívka svetových parametru
Released in: 1979
Country: Czechoslovakia
Tags: bathing boy, nude boy
Nude scenes: Rear nudity of a boy (5) in bathroom.
Added: 27.09.2017

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Tusen år till julafton
Released in: 2015
Country: Sweden
Tags: nude boy, nude girl, topless girl
Summary: Christmas Calender for Sveriges Television 2015. Each day, the children get to experience life in a different historical setting during the last 1000 years. - IMDb
Nude scenes: The 14th episode: young children (4-10) sunbathing in nude. The 16th episode: a picture with topless girls (9-11) shown. Topless girl (8) examined by a doctor.
Added: 23.09.2017

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Released in: 1982
Country: Turkey, West Germany
Tags: bathing boy, nude boy
Summary: Driven by the desire to see his son get an education and rise out of their level of abject poverty, a peasant father takes his boy to Istanbul to look for the advantages that were missing in his life. He hopes to find a good job so he can send his son to school, but as time goes by it seems they can barely make their way around the city and stay out of debt, let alone get ahead. Besides, the police always seem to be after them for one thing or another. Director Ali Özgentürk was arrested before he completed shooting this film, with no reason given for his arrest -- as the content of his film suggests, this is not an unusual occurrence. He was later released. - Eleanor Mannikka, All Movie Guide
Nude scenes: 13-year-old boy seen nude in bath scene.
Added: 20.09.2017

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Released in: 2016
Country: Russia
Tags: topless girl
Nude scenes: Lesya (Nika Sazonenkova, 12) briefly seen topless in one scene.
Added: 16.09.2017

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