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Released in: 1992
Country: USA
Starring: David Arnott, Christy Martin
Tags: nude boy
Summary: Set in 1969, a twelve-year-old grows up in Key West with his mother, who is paying the bills by stripping at the local topless bar. The boy finds out about her activities and tries to convince her to stop, to no avail. A local restaurant owner hires him to collect fish from a boat out in the bay, and the boy discovers that the restaurant owner is using the fish to bring drugs in to shore. He steals one load and goes about selling it so his mother can afford to quit her job. - IMDb
Nude scenes: 13 year old boy (David Arnott) strips with his girlfriend (Christy Martin). Then the girl's parents drive up, interupting the two. The boy is seen nude from rear as he pulls on his cutoffs. Girl's back seen in mirror. Another place in the story has the boy get a ride with his mother's friend on a bike, where she allows him to grab hold on her breasts.
Added: 20.06.2018

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Eto sladkoe slovo - svoboda!
Released in: 1973
Country: Soviet Union
Starring: Sayat Aliyeva
Tags: nude girl, girl skinny dip
Nude scenes: The 2nd episode: Natacha (Sayat Aliyeva, 10) skinny dip in sea. Brief rear nudity. Natacha walks in just panties in the end.
Added: 18.06.2018

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Released in: 1988
Country: India
Tags: nude boy
Nude scenes: Brief frontal nudity of a boy (11) when a woman grabs his "loincloth".
Added: 17.06.2018

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Children Underground
Released in: 2001
Country: USA
Starring: Ana Turturica
Tags: bathing girl, topless girl
Summary: This astonishingly intimate documentary follows five homeless children in Romania, where the collapse of communism has led to a life on the street for 20,000 children. From a 16-year-old girl who runs her gang with a mixture of brutality and compassion, to a small, intelligent, and remarkably articulate 12-year-old boy, these children seem at first feral and frightening--yet over the course of the movie their loneliness, desperation, and glimpses of hope will transform how you perceive them. Make no mistake: this is difficult watching. As Children Underground explores the meager state resources to support these children and follows some of the children back to their difficult families, the scope of the problem becomes larger and more irresolvable. But this documentary offers an unblinking and deeply compassionate insight into the extremes of human existence; you will not forget it easily. - Bret Fetzer
Nude scenes: Ana (11) seen topless in bathtub and when swimming with boys.
Added: 16.06.2018

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Angry Kid
Released in: 2013
Country: China
Tags: nude boy, bathing boy
Nude scenes: A girl sprays a naked boy (7) with a hose and then they chase each other around the home.
Added: 13.06.2018

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Je l'aimais
Released in: 2009
Country: France, Italy, Belgium
Starring: Antonin Chalon, Louise Carrière, Plume Estève, Clémentine Houée, Ysée Dumay Duteil
Tags: bathing girl, topless girl
Summary: In one night, Pierre shares the great secret that has haunted him for 20 years with his daughter-in-law Chlo?. A secret, which forces him to face up to himself, his contradictions and his choices, to his role as a man, and to his failings. The secret of his love for Mathilde, a love for which he was not prepared to give up everything, instead choosing a safer and more secure path through life. In the space of a night, we discover the true nature of a man who didn't dare to follow his heart.
Nude scenes: A girl of around 7 in the bathtub with her mother, seen briefly from waist up.
Added: 09.06.2018

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Released in: 2003
Country: Sweden
Starring: Tom Ljungman
Tags: bathing boy, nude boy
Nude scenes: Rear nudity of Tom Ljungman (11) in shower.
Added: 06.06.2018

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La colo
Released in: 1992
Country: France
Starring: Fabien Chombart, Aline Renzulli
Tags: nude boy, bathing boy, nude girl, bathing girl
Summary: Fifty kids from Marseilles and Paris gather in the Alpes de Haute Provence for a Summer camp they will always fondly remember. - IMDb
Nude scenes: Rear nudity of boys (10-11) going to shower, also brief frontal nudity when they are in shower. Two girls are spying on them. Rear nudity of girl (8-10) going to shower. Some boys are also spying on them.
Added: 02.06.2018

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Magic Stealer
Released in: 1989
Country: China
Tags: nude boy
Summary: Li San (Ji Chunhua) took the opportunity to cheat the adoption of orphans, training them to be thieves. Bao Dexing, his daughter, helps the orphans to escape.
Nude scenes: Many rears shown as a group of boys have swallowed diamonds which were hidden in the porridge and must sit on pots and poop to get them out of their system.
Added: 30.05.2018

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Czerwone weze
Released in: 1983
Country: Poland
Starring: Adam Probosz, Agnieszka Wielgus, Maciej Tomczak, Magdalena Scholl
Tags: bathing girl, nude girl
Nude scenes: Rear nudity of Agnieszka Wielgus and Magdalena Scholl (both 10) in bath scene.
Added: 26.05.2018

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