Released in: 1996
Country: Russia
Tags: nude girl, topless girl, child nudist
Nude scenes: A girl of about 13 and another of about 5 are bathed together in the sea. The older sister is topless, the younger one is nude.
Added: 14.01.2007

Download 'Nesut menya koni'

Released in: 1966
Country: Soviet Union, Japan
Tags: nude boy
Summary: A young japanese boy starts the journey to the Soviet Union to find out his father.
Nude scenes: Ken Kawama (7) seats naked while his clothes get dried, seen from the side.
Added: 03.01.2007

Download 'Malenkiy beglets'

Released in: 2005
Country: Poland
Tags: bathing boy, nude boy, bathing girl, nude girl
Summary: An eleven-year-old (Piotr Jagielski) escapes from an orphanage and returns to his hometown where the other kids call him "Mongrel" and his young alcoholic mother (Edyta Jungowska) kicks him out again. Undaunted, he sets up quarters of his own in an abandoned barge. "Mongrel's" survival stratagems and day-to-day encounters show he's not only resourceful but a fundamentally good person. He and an unhappy girl his age (Agnieszka Nagorzycka) from a posh house nearby discover a sense of affection and love in each other's company. "Mongrel" forages, sells scrap metal, and deals with some of the adults in town. Dreaming of being a poet some day, he avoids the bad kids who chase him and sniff glue and doesn't drink or smoke. - Chris Knipp, IMDb
Nude scenes: Kuleczka (Agnieszka Nagórzycka, 11) visits Kundel (Piotr Jagielski, 11) one evening and invites him to her house. They go into the bathroom together where Kundel takes a bath (with his underwear still on) while Kuleczka lights some candles. The romantic moment is cut off short when the girl's older sister comes home unexpectedly and starts knocking on the bathroom door. The boy quickly jumps out from bathtub and escapes through an open window, while Kuleczka undresses and takes his place in the tub before her sister walks in. Brief full nudity of the girl Agnieszka, partial butt exposure of Piotr, the boy.
Added: 30.12.2006

Download 'Jestem'

Released in: 1984
Country: Soviet Union
Tags: nude boy, topless girl
Nude scenes: A girl (Yuliya Kosmachyova) of age 6 or so is topless in a long scene. Later we have a rear nudity of a 6 year old boy (Aleksei Veselov) when he's washing his clothes.
Added: 20.12.2006

Download 'Chto u Senki bylo'

Released in: 1997
Country: Poland, France, Germany
Tags: nude girl, topless girl
Summary: Meciej Dejczer directed this German-French-Polish period drama made with English dialogue. British prisoner Gerry, aka Brute (Til Schweiger) is sent away to complete his sentence in a rundown Romanian orphanage run by sinister Sincai (Pete Postlethwaite), who profits by selling children and other evil activities. Crude operations are executed on patients by alcoholic surgeon Dr. Babits (John Hurt), who plays the violin. On the brighter side, a nubile nurse Mara (Polly Walker) is on the staff of this insidious institution, and she enters into an affair with Brute. Shown at the 1998 Montreal World Film Festival. - Bhob Stewart, All Movie Guide
Nude scenes: Elena (Ida Jablonska, 12) kisses Brute (Til Schweiger) pretending that they are married in a romantic love scene. Elena's chest is open, when doctors reanimate her. On the attic where Brute lived, three children, Elena and two boys, was watching the tatoo on his beck. The girl requested the boys so she could stay with him all alone. Brute didn't pay attention to her. Suddenly he heard her voice, saying: "I would like to have the exact tatoo." Brute looked at her and then her full nudity in rear was shown. The girl turned around, walked up to him holding a crayon in her hand. She started to insist and finally Brute make a decision. He walked up to her, took a crayon and the girl turn her back to him. When he began to create a drawing, the girl suddenly turned around, grappled his hand and pressed to her heart. The feeling of amusement appeared on Brute's face, the girl felt offened and run off... Sincai attempts to drown Elena's brother (6).
Added: 16.12.2006

Download 'Bandyta'

Released in: 1988
Country: Soviet Union
Tags: nude boy
Nude scenes: When the boy (Sergey Turchaninov, 10) gets injected, his nude buttock seen from the side.
Added: 13.12.2006

Download 'Topinambury' - part 1
Download 'Topinambury' - part 2

Released in: 1978
Country: Italy
Tags: bathing girl, topless girl
Summary: An 11 year-old girl befriends an injured man unaware that he is a murderer. Mom winds up having an affair with him which makes the girl jealous so she sets out to seduce him as well.
Nude scenes: The girl spies through a keyhole on the man having sex with her mother. The man walks in on the girl while she's in the tub. At first she seems upset but then doesn't mind. She gets out and lets him watch her dry off. Then she lies down on the floor naked and lets him have his way. Full chest and some rear while the girl is in and getting out of the tub. At the point of where the man is seen having sex with her, the girl is clearly replaced by an older body-double.
Added: 02.12.2006

Download 'L'immoralità'

Released in: 1989
Country: Soviet Union
Tags: nude boy, nude girl
Summary: Two children living in a remote mining town in the distant wastes of Siberia in 1947, survive poverty and hardship through the warmth of their friendship and a shared sense of humour. - Maywin Media AB, IMDb
Nude scenes: Rear nudity when the boy (12) undresses to fit through a window to get into a store for a jewel heist. A 13-year-old female prisoner exposes her breasts and then vagina to a fellow boy prisoner, to get him aroused. She wants him to get her pregnant so she'll be released from jail.
Added: 18.11.2006

Download 'Zamri, umri, voskresni!'

Released in: 2002
Country: Australia
Tags: nude boy, boy skinny dip, nude girl, girl skinny dip
Nude scenes: The 1st episode: Sam (7) and his sister Tash (5) skinny dip in the ocean.
Added: 11.11.2006

Download 'Kennzeichen: Killer'

Released in: 1974
Country: Spain
Tags: topless girl
Summary: While traveling from Barcelona to recover his mother's remains, Luis (Juan Luis Lopez Vazquez) suffers an incredibly vivid flashback to 1936 Segovia as it was on the eve of the Spanish Civil War. In this Spanish film, everything but Luis repeatedly reverts to its 1936 condition. Again and again, things remind him of his stay there, and each time the movie returns him to the '30s. - Clarke Fountain, All Movie Guide
Added: 04.11.2006

Download 'La prima Angélica'

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