Takmer ruzovy príbeh
Released in: 1990
Country: Czechoslovakia
Tags: topless girl
Summary: After her mother had passed, Darinka lives with her grandma. In her fantasy she lives her own version of Sleeping Beauty. Her musical talent helps her to cope with illness and fulfill her dreams. - IMDb
Nude scenes: Darinka aged 5 (plaied by Kateřina Hanzlíková), 10 (plaied by Tereza Truhlářová) then 12 (plaied by Petra Vedröyová) seen topless several times.
Added: 19.12.2011

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Released in: 1993
Country: Indonesia, Belgium, Netherlands
Tags: nude boy, boy skinny dip
Summary: Johan Ten Berghe joins the Dutch army when the Durtch East Indies unilaterally declare independence as Indonesia. He initiates his naive driver Twan in life in the East, having grown up there as son of colonial official Hendrik, now missing. Their adventures intertwine with Johan's childhood memories, especially concerning his native best friend, Oeroeg, who joined the rebellion, as well as their nanny and later de facto stepmother. Conflicting loyalties become tangible in extreme situations. - IMDb
Nude scenes: Frontal nudity of Joris Putman (11) in skinny dip scene.
Added: 07.12.2011

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Ognennoye detstvo
Released in: 1978
Country: Soviet Union
Tags: nude boy, boy skinny dip
Nude scenes: At the beginning of the movie, two boys (12) are seen nude washing horses in the river. Seen mainly from the side.
Added: 30.11.2011

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Released in: 1998
Country: Kyrgyzstan, France
Tags: nude boy
Summary: In a Kyrgyz village, five older women adopt an infant foundling. Jump ahead about 12 years: the boy, Beshkempir, is entering puberty, the age, his granny says, when life goes berserk. He plays with friends, horsing around, sniggering about sex, going to an outdoor movie. He works, fishing and making bricks of mud. And, he's starting to notice girls. He and his best friend fight, and he learns to his consternation that he's a foundling. A death in the family pushes Beshkempir even faster toward adult roles: he must brush tears from his eyes, lead a funeral procession, and reconcile with his friend. Then, he borrows a bicycle and calls on Aynura: courtship begins. - IMDb
Nude scenes: 5 boys (11-14) coming off a pond for drying, full nudity. Same boys peeking at woman's breast. Same boys simulating sex with a woman moulded in the sand; boy pulling down the youngest's trousers. Beshkempir (Mirlan Abdykalykov, 12) "touching himself" in bed. A boy pulling down Beshkempir's trousers revealing his buttocks.
Added: 09.11.2011

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Jen si tak trochu pisknout
Released in: 1981
Country: Czechoslovakia
Tags: bathing boy, topless girl
Summary: Several big-city teenagers are falsely accused of vandalising a valuable organ, casting light on the hypocrisy of the adult world. - IMDb
Nude scenes: Libuše Heczková's (13) breasts briefly seen in one scene.
Added: 05.11.2011

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Released in: 2009
Country: France
Tags: topless girl
Summary: Lyon, France in 1970s, Sibylle, Corinne, and Georgette are sisters who share everything, as they live with their Italian mother. Sibylle is the only blonde in the family, except for their father who abandoned them, and she feels isolated. She dreams of meeting her French father one day. - IMDb
Nude scenes: Zoé Duthion (11) seen topless in the bathtub.
Added: 29.10.2011

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Dong Pek Ham yu sheung O Wan
Released in: 2004
Country: Hong Kong
Tags: nude boy, bathing boy
Summary: Thirteen-year-olds David and Michael are brought together by their mutual love of soccer. United by their obsession with the game and idolization of British soccer stars, the boys build a strong friendship. But as puberty brings about changes, the boys start to grow in separate directions. While David loves to talk about sex and other raunchy topics, Michael tries to avoid such conversations. Eventually Michael must face what he's been avoiding for some time, that his feelings for David are becoming increasingly complex. In his interesting take on adolescent sexual awakening, Director Adam Wong parallels the frenzy of boyhood with the energy and speed of soccer, capturing this spirit through quick cuts, and split-screen effects. - yahoo.com
Nude scenes: Several boys (12 y. o.) seen from above the cubicles in the showers room (rear nudity). In the locker-room Michael peeking at David's penis (rear nudity).
Added: 19.10.2011

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Le rayon vert
Released in: 1986
Country: France
Tags: nude girl, topless girl
Summary: Delphine's traveling companion cancels two weeks before her holiday, so Delphine, a Parisian secretary, is at loose ends. She doesn't want to travel by herself, but has no boyfriend and seems unable to meet new people. A friend takes her to Cherbourg; after a few days there, the weepy and self-pitying Delphine goes back to Paris. She tries the Alps, but returns the same day. Next, it's the beach: once there, she chats with an outgoing Swede, a party girl, and a friendship seems to bud; then, suddenly, Delphine bolts, heading back to Paris. As she waits at the Biarritz train station, a young man catches her eye; perhaps a sunset and the sun's green ray await. - IMDb
Nude scenes: A woman is seen walking through rock pools, her daughter (8-10) is seen following her completely nude. A few girls seen topless at the beach.
Added: 15.10.2011

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The Rainbowmaker
Released in: 2008
Country: Finland, Italy, Russia, Germany, Netherlands
Tags: bathing boy, nude boy, bathing girl, nude girl
Summary: The Salzlipp twins grow up without their father. The boy and the girl are convinced he is an important superhero secret agent. But when he eventually comes home, it turns out that he is but a puny, insignificant meteorologist who had been innocently languishing in jail. The children refuse to accept that this is their father. And sexy Mrs. Salzlipp has fallen in love with another man. But Salzlipp fights back. He discovers that he can influence and indeed manipulate the weather. He can turn summertime into deep frost. Magic! As with Dostoyevski's Idiot there's more to Salzlipp than meets the eye. Maybe he can use his gift to win back his family? An imaginative tale about love and respect in a romantic seaside setting. - IMDb
Nude scenes: Iva Gogitidze and Elene Bezarashvili (both about 9 years old) are standing in a tub being washed by an older man. Both the boy and the girl is covered in soap but it's very brief frontal and rear nudity. The kids watch a woman they know have sex with a man. The woman discovers this afterwards and talks to the kids about it.
Added: 01.10.2011

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Mrkácek Ciko
Released in: 1982
Country: Czechoslovakia
Tags: nude boy, boy skinny dip, nude girl, girl skinny dip
Summary: Roman Hlava grew up with his diplomat parents in Latin America where he had been home-schooled by his over doting mother. The over indulgence of affection and praise has given the boy an over confidence. This is quickly squashed by his new peers when the family returns to the Czech Republic. This leads to neurotic tics and the nickname Mrkácek the 'Blinker.' A stay at a children's camp provides new friends, acceptance, an appreciation of nature, a new outlook on life, and loss of the tics. (I did my best to piece together machine translated bits and pieces. I hope it bears a decent reflection of the movie.) - IMDb
Nude scenes: The group of girls (9-10) and the group of boys (9-10) skinny dip separately in a forest pond.
Added: 24.09.2011

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