Released in: 2005
Country: Netherlands, Belgium
Tags: bathing girl, topless girl
Summary: Bonnie, a nine-year-old single child, is part of a family of three living in the Netherlands. They have a love of elephants, passed on by Bonnie's grandfather's grandfather who worked on a game reserve in Africa, and Bonnie feels that she instinctively does things like an elephant as a result. Her single mother, Lis, is bi-polar and at times spends days on end without even getting out of bed. Then there are other times when she will manically do wild acts, such as impromptu dancing in public. As a result, Bonnie's sturdy and stable grandmother must hold the family together by doing all the cooking, etc. After her grandmother is killed by a car, Bonnie becomes the most responsible family member and struggles with preparing meals and getting her reluctant mother to take her medication. She also must dodge Jorien, a social worker who is attempting to place her in a foster home. When her friend from school, Koos, gets a new brother Bonnie decides that this is the solution to fight the loneliness caused by her grandmother's absence, and pleads with her mother to provide her with a brother. She starts a search for eligible men to accomplish this mission. Ultimately, the arrival of an elephant in their garden leads to a change in the makeup of the family. - IMDb
Nude scenes: When Bonnie Wolk (Jesse Rinsma, 9) takes the bath we see a split-second of her topless.
Added: 02.04.2011

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La tía Alejandra
Released in: 1980
Country: Mexico
Tags: bathing girl, nude girl
Summary: Old aunt Alejandra goes to live with a Mexican middle-class family; she's bitter and the children tease her and make her life miserable, but the old woman is truly a witch, and takes revenge. - IMDb
Nude scenes: Glimpses of Lilian Davis' (13) breasts while in the bath, then full frontal nudity when she gets out of the tub.
Added: 26.03.2011

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Amintiri din copilarie
Released in: 1965
Country: Romania
Tags: nude boy, boy skinny dip
Summary: Loosely based on Romanian author Ion Creanga's life as a child during the 1840s.Young schoolboy Ion is growing up fast in a provincial town of the Moldavia region of Romania.Local villagers call him "Nica a lui Stefan a Petrei".The film offers a detailed account of his childhood with special focus on the relationships between Ion and the various people in his life.The relationships between Ion as a child and his parents,friends,neighbors and teachers are described.The larger context of the Romanian rural social universe of the 19th century is also touched upon.Finally,the film shows Ion's coming-of-age from an innocent child growing up in an idyllic remote village to a rebellious adolescent dreaming of becoming a priest. - IMDb
Nude scenes: The boy (Ion Bocancea, 10) runs home naked after his skinny dip. He is having a great time laughing and splashing in the water. When his mother discovers that he went skinny dipping instead of doing his chores, she takes his clothes. He is then forced to run home naked and at the same time tries to avoid being seen. Both rear and frontal nudity. This comical scene lasts for about five minutes.
Added: 16.03.2011

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Released in: 1991
Country: East Germany
Tags: bathing girl, nude girl
Summary: Actor Ernst Stein, having abdicated from the stage in 1968 in protest of the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia, has long since retreated from the world around him. In a remote house encircled by an overgrown garden, he lives in a world of dreams and memories. Suddenly, in 1989, an out-of-kilter society sends forth its progeny. Young people, tramps and characters of all sorts take refuge with Stein for a short span, carrying the turmoil of the times into his house. - IMDb
Nude scenes: 12-yo Laura (Eveline Dahm) seen full frontal nude while taking off her clothes for a bath with her father.
Added: 12.03.2011

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Desperate Living
Released in: 1977
Country: USA
Tags: nude boy, nude girl
Summary: A rich housewife murders her husband with the help of her overweight maid, and the two go on the run, ending up in Mortville, a town providing refuge for criminals. They shack up with a lesbian ex-wrestler and her murderess lover, before running into the tyrannical Queen Carlotta, ruler of Mortville... - IMDb
Nude scenes: Two children Karen Gerwig and Brook Yeaton appear naked in a scene in which they are playing doctor, and their mother comes in and freaks out.
Added: 26.02.2011

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La belle endormie
Released in: 2010
Country: France
Tags: bathing girl, topless girl
Summary: The princess Anastasia is cursed by the witch Carabosse to die but three teenage fairies change it and the girl falls into a deep sleep for one hundred years to wake-up as a sixteen year-old teenager. Along her dream, Anastasia takes a ghost train and is adopted by a woman that lives in the woods with her son Peter that becomes her stepbrother. Soon Peter is seduced by the Snow Queen and leaves home with her. Anastasia seeks him out and travels through the kingdom of albino King and Queen that offer her a stagecoach to help her to travel. However Anastasia is attacked by gypsy bandits that kidnap her, but she befriends a gypsy girl that offers a magic animal to ride in her quest. Out of the blue, the sixteen year-old Anastasia is awaken by Peter's grandson Johan. - IMDb
Nude scenes: Bath scene with Carla Besnaïnou (8), seen topless.
Added: 19.02.2011

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Alice in den Städten
Released in: 1974
Country: West Germany
Tags: topless girl
Summary: German journalist Philip Winter has a case of writer's block when trying to write an article about the United States. He decides to return to Germany, and while trying to book a flight, encounters a German woman and her nine year old daughter Alice doing the same. The three become friends (almost out of necessity) and while the mother asks Winter to mind Alice temporarily, it quickly becomes apparent that Alice will be his responsibility for longer than he expected. After returning to Europe, the innocent friendship between Winter and Alice grows as they travel together through various European cities on a quest for Alice's grandmother. - Karl Engel, IMDb
Nude scenes: Yella (10) is seen topless in the park and in the flat.
Added: 05.02.2011

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Released in: 1982
Country: France, Switzerland
Tags: nude boy
Summary: On a movie set, in a factory, and at a hotel, Godard explores the nature of work, love and film making. While Solidarity takes on the Polish government, a Polish film director, Jerzy, is stuck in France making a film for TV. He's over budget and uninspired; the film, called "Passion," seems static and bloodless. Hanna owns the hotel where the film crew stays. She lives with Michel, who runs a factory where he's fired Isabelle, a floor worker. Hanna and Isabelle are drawn to Jerzy, hotel maids quit to be movie extras, people ask Jerzy where the story is in his film, women disrobe, extras grope each other off camera, and Jerzy wonders why there must always be a story. - IMDb
Nude scenes: 7-year-old boy pose for a painter, full frontal nudity.
Added: 02.02.2011

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Released in: 2006
Country: Denmark
Tags: bathing girl, topless girl
Summary: A drama about a boy who's inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and challenges repressive school authority in 1969 Denmark.
Nude scenes: At school, Frits (Janus Dissing Rathke, 12) has a peek at the locker room where some girls are showering (only shoulders seen). Then some guys push Frits into the room where he is surrounded by the girls. Among them, Iben (Sarah Juel Werner, 12) is wearing a towel which slips down, leaving her completely nude (nothing really seen) in front of Frits. Just before the shot where we can see the towel sleep, Sarah Juel Werner, while having fun watching the boy misled by the girls he has been peeking on, has a nipple slipping out of her towel.
Added: 22.01.2011

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Anima persa
Released in: 1977
Country: Italy, France
Tags: topless girl
Summary: Bizarre events keep occurring in an old mansion, and it's soon obvious that something mysterious is up in the attic. - IMDb
Nude scenes: An 11 year old girl is seen topless running away from the camera into the water at the beach for around 5 to 6 seconds and then posing side and frontal topless for the camera for 4 seconds.
Added: 09.01.2011

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