Released in: 1967
Country: Soviet Union
Tags: nude girl
Nude scenes: Two docs put nude Tanya (Olya Bobkova, 8) in a warm bathtub of water.
Added: 22.05.2010

Download 'Day lapu, drug!'

Released in: 2009
Country: Denmark, Sweden, Norway
Tags: topless girl
Summary: A father returns to his old hometown with his young family. Events force him to face the small town's xenophobia. - IMDb
Added: 15.05.2010

Download 'Fri os fra det onde'

Released in: 1963
Country: Greece
Tags: topless girl
Summary: This slow moving exploitation film concerns two couples in love. A married woman meets a shepherd, flocking to him in an adulterous affair while her husband goes on a fishing expedition. Also, a twelve years old girl storms the dreams of a ten year old boy when both are eager to experience their first love. The young couple receive a lesson in love when they run across the shepherd and the fisherman's wife in the throws of passion. - Dan Pavlides, All Movie Guide
Nude scenes: The breasts of 13-year-old girl are visible in many scenes. Chloe is raped by an older boy.
Added: 08.05.2010

Download 'Mikres Afrodites'

Released in: 2003
Country: Norway
Tags: nude boy
Summary: Anna lives with her father Karl someplace in the outskirts of northern Norway. Karl killed his ex-wife and threw her newborn colored child into the sea when he discovered that she obviously had been unfaithful. Now Karl is being haunted by her ghost and is developing a serious drinking problem. Anna is looking for the love of her life, but there aren't many bachelors around - until they discovers another small family on the other side of the mountain. They meet a semi-alcoholized widow on Karl's age, her son Peder, and her black adopted son, Ante, that arrived from the sea on a piece of wood. - IMDb
Nude scenes: Nude black boy (13) running together with nude woman in one scene.
Added: 14.04.2010

Download 'Svidd neger'

Released in: 1985
Country: Philippines
Tags: nude boy, nude girl
Summary: Set in the beautiful and remote countryside of Ilongo, the story tells of three young women and their struggle to come to terms with their own sexuality against a background of religious oppression and male brutality.
Nude scenes: 1. All the girls wear just a very lose piece of homemade sundresses, with nothing underneath. Which means many quick glimpses down their necks of bare chests, plus a few upskirt. 2. At least 2 scenes where a boy of 14 is in hiding, peeking on naked women. 3. Scene at a beach with fully nude children, of both genders.
Added: 27.03.2010

Download 'Silip'

Released in: 2002
Country: Spain
Tags: bathing boy, nude boy
Summary: Power corruption and lies as one family's dream life becomes a living nightmare. Eduard Cortes' La Vida de Nadie (Nobody's Life) is about a man living a lie. Emilio (Jose Coronado) works as an economist at the Bank of Spain. He is happily married to Agatha (Adriana Ozores) and has a son. He meets a college student Rosana (Marta Etura) who is having financial problems. He offers to help her and their relationship grows when she keeps visiting him at work. What nobody knows is that Emilio has been living a lie and the truth eventually comes out and ruins his life.
Nude scenes: Bath scene with a boy (8), frontal nudity.
Added: 24.03.2010

Download 'La vida de nadie'

Released in: 2009
Country: Sweden
Tags: nude boy, bathing girl, topless girl
Summary: Story of a nine-and-a-half year old girl left alone in Sweden while her family is in Africa during the summer of 1981. - IMDb
Nude scenes: 1. The Girl (Blanca Engström, 9) and two other slightly older girls have a vote on if Ola (Vidar Fors, 10) should show them his "thing". When he refuses, the two teens jump on him and remove his shorts & underwear by force. Brief display of Ola's butt when he breaks free & runs away. 2. A scene in a changing room where The Girl stares curiously at a chubby, naked woman. The woman comments jokingly that the girl will soon grow breasts too and asks if she'd like to feel hers, before walking away laughing. The following scene shows The Girl at home, examining book illustrations of breast & vagina development. Then she draws a picture of her own vagina on a piece of paper (with the help of a mirror) and hangs it on her wall - Includes a close-up shot of the girl's picture, otherwise nothing explicit shown. 3. Later, a scene where The Girl has coloured her face & most of her body dark and dances around wearing just a yellow skirt. Followed by her in the bath, where a man walks in on her. Brief display of the girl's chest in both cases.
Added: 20.03.2010

Download 'Flickan'

Released in: 1958
Country: Soviet Union
Tags: bathing girl, nude girl
Nude scenes: Bath scene with 7-year-old girl, rear nudity.
Added: 13.03.2010

Download 'Skhvisi shvilebi'

Released in: 1975
Country: Czechoslovakia
Tags: bathing girl, topless girl
Nude scenes: Renata Masková (12) briefly seen topless in the showers room.
Added: 06.03.2010

Download 'Velké trápení'

Released in: 1977
Country: Mexico
Tags: nude boy, boy skinny dip
Summary: When a small boy is orphaned and left to the jungle, he becomes part of an ape family. Only years later does he start to realize he is different than his parents.
Added: 24.02.2010

Download 'El Rey de los gorilas'

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